The Woman Who Wants to Marry Review

* Title: 결혼하고 싶은 여자 / Kyeol-hon-ha-go Sip-eun Yeo-ja
* Also known as: Marry Me (MBC Global Media), The Marrying Type (KBFD-TV), I Want to Get Married (KSCI-TV)
* Genre: Drama, Romance
* Episodes: 18
* Related TV Show: City Lovers


These days, there seems to be just too many single working women in their 30’s. These women have spent all their years accomplishing their dream and now stand all alone. They turn to men now hoping to settle down but all the fine guys have been snatched away by young girls who were only concerned about getting married. Now they try to fall into self-hypnotism that they are better off than being trapped in an unhappy marriage but they can’t help feeling being all alone and lonely. “Marry Me” is a story of how women in their thirties come to face with life and discover something new about their lives.

30 year-old spinster reporter Sin-Young was once called a “troublemaker reporter” but she clenched her teeth and kept digging into her work. Finally all of these efforts were rewarded with a prize for getting a scoop. As every dog has his day, she also gets hers and is offered an audition for news anchor. But again, her destiny doesn’t leave her in peace and brings her the news of her long-time boyfriend’s betrayal. He leaves her to marry a girl 12 years younger than Sin-Young.

Soon-Ae, a 30-year-old stewardess, is the breadwinner of her family who supports her ailing father, a utterly hopeless widow aunt and another hopeless cousin. To her, her family comes first before anything else and this scares all the men away. There was one man who didn’t leave her but he was only taking advantage of her company card that gives discounts to luxury goods. One day, she bumps right into her boyfriend with another woman on the very spot and in enormous rage, she beats him up. Very soon she’s introduced as “the Crazy Crew” worldwide and she gets fired.

Seung-Ri is renowned for her numerous love affairs. Hiding this splendid past, she marries a man of a plutocratic family and goes to New York. She proudly returns to Korea to give birth to her baby. Then, she shocks everyone when her baby turns out to be white. She gets kicked out from her husband’s family as well as her own parents. The source of this misfortune goes back to when she tried to get back at her playboy husband by also having an affair. Though it was only a one night stand with an American guy, she now can’t turn back the time. What’s more, she hears that her baby died as soon as he was born. From then, she starts her life again in Seoul with her friends Sin-Young and Soon-Ae.


* Myung Se Bin as Lee Shin Young
* Lee Tae Ran as Jin Soon Ae
* Byun Jung Soo as Jang Victory
* Yoo Joon Sang as Shin Joon Ho
* Lee Hyun Woo as Kim Ji Hoon
* Im Ho as Park Sun Woo
* Suh Eun as Song Yu Ri (Sun Woo’s fiancee)
* Lee Doo Il as Lee Won Young (Shin Young’s older brother)
* Kim So Yi as Go Hee Sook (Won Young’s wife)
* Sa Mi Ja as Jung Keum Soon (Shin Young’s mother)
* Yoo Jung Suk as Lee Chang Young (Shin Young’s younger brother)
* Lee Mi Young as Park Si Bong (Soon Ae’s paternal aunt)
* Suh Kwon Sook as Oh So Ra (Soon Ae’s cousin)
* Shim Eun Kyung
* Kim Hye Eun
* Han Young Kwang

Creating Destiny Review

* Title: Creating Destiny
* Genre: Romance, family
* Episodes: TBA


Creating Destiny is based on a mixing of two novels by romance fiction writer Hyun Go-woon. In it, a man who has no interest in marriage meets a woman who comes to Korea to marry her Westerner boyfriend. This upbeat romance series reunites its director Jang Geun-soo (Chunja’s Happy Events) with writer Hyun, as the two collaborated on the popular 2003 drama 1% of Anything.

PD Jang told his production and actors to think of the drama as in between a romance manhwa and novel: “It may be a little unrealistic, but we will tell a fun story.”

Eugene plays a woman who moved to Australia in her childhood and is now about to become a lawyer, which will make good use of her fluent English skills. She has a younger sister played by Kang Byul, who was recently in the high school horror movie Suicide Pact. Kim Tae-young, who played a doctor in White Tower, is again a doctor here and plays a perfectionist, prickly character.


* Eugene as Han Sang Eun
* Ki Tae Young as Kim Yeo Joon
* Ryu Sang Wook as Sae Won
* Jung Suk Won as Jung Gyu Han
* Baek Jong Min as Min Chul Ho
* Kang Byul as Han Hyo Eun
* Lee Sung Min
* Byun Woo Min
* Kim Jung Nan
* Kang Nam Gil
* Im Hyun Sik
* Geum Bo Ra
* Yang Hee Kyung
* Ban Hyo Jung
* Choi Sang Hoon
* Lee Hui Do

The Little Fairy Review

* Title: 天外飞仙 (天外飛仙) / Tian Wai Fei Xian
* Also known as: Fairy from Wonderland / The Little Fairy
* Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy
* Episodes: 30
* Opening theme song: Yi Yan Wan Nian (一眼萬年) by S.H.E
* Ending theme song: Qian Nian Lei (千年淚) by TANK
* Related TV shows: See Qi Xian Nu and Dong Yong


This drama is a retelling of the well-known love story between a goddess and a mortal.

Goddess Xiao Qi commits a major crime. She is punished by having her powers stripped away and is banished to the mortal realm. She can only regain her goddess status by accomplishing 100 charitable acts. Dong Yong rescues her and teaches her what it’s like to be a mortal. However, she also learns how to love even though love is forbidden between goddesses and mortals. When their love affair is discovered, heavenly guards descend onto the mortal realm to separate the two lovers. However, they are willing to do anything to stay together.

* Ariel Lin as Xiao Qi 小七
* Hu Ge as Dong Yong 董永
* TAE as Yuan Bao 元寶
* Dou Zhi Kong as Shangguan Hao Qi 上官浩淇
* Lv Yi as Li Sai Jin 李賽金
* Cecilia Han as Xiang Xue Hai 香雪海
* Michelle Saram as Ma Nana 馬娜娜
* Florence Tan as Cui Niang 翠娘
* Phyllis Quek as 2nd Fairy 二仙女
* Wan Ni En as 4th Fairy 四仙女
* Elvis Tsui as Jade Emperor 玉皇大帝
* Wu Qian Qian as Heavenly Matriarch 王母娘娘
* Yue Yao Li as Dong Qian Fa 董千發
* Li Qin Qin as Dong Wen Ping
* Tse Kwan Ho as Teacher
* Zhao Liang as Fu Shan


Heart of Greed Review

Heart of Greed Review

* Title: 溏心風暴
* Cantonese/Mandarin title: Tong Sam Fung Bo/Tang Xin Feng Bao
* English title: Heart of Greed
* Genre: Business, drama
* Episodes: 40
* Opening theme song: Can’t Say Anything (講不出聲) by Susanna Kwan
* Insert song: Decline (心領) by Raymond Lam and Linda Chung
* Related TV series: Moonlight Resonance


* Moses Chan as Tong Chi On 唐至安 / Dak Dak Dei 得得地 / Sai Bao 細鮑
* Bosco Wong as Gilbert / Tong Chi Yat 唐至逸
* Raymond Lam as Alfred / Ching Leung 程亮
* Yoyo Mung as Shui Ming Ha 水明霞 / Sui Mak Mak 水擘擘
* Tavia Yeung as Jackie / Cheuk Man Lai 卓文麗
* Linda Chung as Sheung Joi Sum 常在心
* Michelle Yim as Ling Lei 凌莉
* Fala Chen as Tong Chi Yan 唐至欣
* Carrie Lam as Lai Cheuk Lan 黎卓蘭 / Cho Bang 草餅
* Chris Lai as Tong Chi Foon 唐至歡
* Louise Lee as Ling Hau 凌巧 / Dai Kai 大契
* Ha Yu as Tong Yan Gai 唐仁佳 / Dai Bao 大鮑
* Louis Yuen as Ling Po 凌波
* Susanna Kwan as Wong Sau Kam 王秀琴 / Francis / Sai Kai 細契
* Cheung Chung Chi as Ronald 楊紹志
* Iris Wong as Elsa
* Natalie Tong as Angel
* Tracy Yip as Cherry
* Eddie Lee as Ho Siu Kei 何少基
* Fanny Yip as Yuki
* Johnson Lee as Wong Ka Wing 黃家榮
* Chiu Ching Yee as Emily
* Chan Hung Lit as Chan Kwok Lit 陳國烈
* Cindy Lee
* Oscar Leung

It is a story of a renowned sea-products retailer and a big traditional family, in which there are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get.

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